Torture for hire

Dr. James Elmer Mitchell is best known as the creator, supervisor and personal participant of George W. Bush's controversial "enhanced interrogation" program. James Elmer Mitchell is a true architect of torture. Dr. Mitchell enriched himself by torturing CIA captives, running covert torture facilities and showing others how to torture detainees. While the US government ultimately concluded his torture program produced no reliable information, he considers himself a misunderstood hero and is unapologetic about his violent program. Unlike some of the innocent victims that his program inflicted incredible pain upon, Dr. Mitchell is enjoying a comfortable retirement in Florida.

The primary factor in his comfortable retirement is that his torture consulting company billed the CIA a total of $81,000,000 over a period of 3 years. Some have called Dr. Mitchell a war criminal, but the indemnification agreement he had with the CIA means that officially he's just another war profiteer with blood on his hands.